We can't wait ! 

Alexander's Live Room has kindly allowed us to host our Charity event at their amazing venue. We're looking to raise as much money for kidsbankchester a local charity who rely on donations to help local children who may not get the clothing, food or toys they need to grow up happy and healthy. Utilising local bands around Chester to create a night full of amazing music and sick talent. ALL THE MONEY WE RAISE GOES TO OUR CHARITY! donate money, enjoy the music, get out and see what Chester has to offer.

"At KidsBank Chester, we distribute resources from where they are abundant to where they are lacking, reducing parental stress, anxiety and depression, in turn helping children and instilling in them a sense of value and confidence." - KIDSBANKCHESTER

For more information on KidsBank and Alexander's Live click on their logos 



After COVID-19 grassroot venues are at risk of being shut down - if they haven't already. We all love music and without venues like alexander's or other venues we can't experience what up and coming talent the UK has to offer. 

"There are 556 venues at risk of closure, so this campaign aims to bring together artists who want to help, with the venues they love, and provide an easy way for music fans to financially support the resultant live streams" - ABOUT – #saveourvenues

If you can't join us for the evening donating to either kidsbankchester or #saveourvenues (or both) would be a massive help, the main reason for our event is to raise money, so protect our future minds and talents!

Click image to learn more about Alexander's Live getting involved with #saveourvenues