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Any questions, suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, we want to make an awesome night for everyone involved, so if you're coming why not leave us a message and maybe you're suggestion could help make the night amazing! if it's that good we might even give out a prize.

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10 months ago

I want to see more gigs in Chester love our little venues. Sounds like a good night. Bands look cool.. when are tickets available

Alex Boghiu
10 months ago

I like the Instagram, very warm and approachable, good theme, full of information bright colours. Website is well made easy to navigate. I like the theme a lot

10 months ago

I’d like to see a Jamaican themed event, focusing on genres like reggae, ska, dancehall, jungle and calypso.

Danny Wrenn
10 months ago

Chester is lacking somewhere close to the city centre with a nice outside spot that can host live events such as a DJ or a good band or artist. This is the perfect spot to answer this problem.

Jacob Campbell
10 months ago

I personally love alexanders, its an intimate venue with a lot of character! The opportunity to use this venue to host our own event really is an honour and I hope to be able to continue the relationship with the venue and its staff for the future. My recommendation would be to utilise the garden area more in the winter for events.